The 10 Stupid Little Things Your Partner Should be Doing

Your partner should still be doing this little things:


Thought Catalog has compiled a list of 10 little things your partner should do-even if they seem a little stupid. Here they are:


Texting. It’s a super quick way for them to remind you they’ve been thinking about you and they’ve been missing you.

Conversations. They should be contributing to the conversation instead of letting you do all of the talking and nodding along.

Choosing music for car rides. It lets you know they care about whether or not you are comfortable in their space, whether or not you are having a good time.

Compliments. Your person shouldn’t stop complimenting you as soon as the puppy love phase end.

Non-sexual touches. They should sprinkle little dashes of affection throughout the day–without expecting it to lead to anything sexual.

Marking the calendar. It sucks when you’re told about plans at the last second. It’s about courtesy.

Introducing you. It’s nice when you’re made to feel important–and included.

Checking in on you. Sometimes it’s nice to know your person cares about you enough to pause whatever they’re doing to make sure you’re OK.

Their appearance. They don’t have to dress up, but once in a while, they should surprise you by wearing the watch you bought them or the cologne you love.

Thank yous. They should make sure you realize you’re appreciated.


(Thought Catalog)