Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

– There’s a phenomenon called “latchkey incontinence” . . . which describes the feeling when you feel like you have to pee worse and worse the closer you get to a toilet.


– More battles during the Revolutionary War were fought in New Jersey than any other colony.


– Only 3,715 copies of “Moby-Dick” were sold between when it was published in 1851, and when author Herman Melville died 40 years later.  Tens of millions of copies have been sold since then.


– The state of Georgia has almost twice the area of the country of Georgia . . . and almost three times the population.


– Sriracha sauce is named after a city in Thailand called Si Racha, where it was probably first used.


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Strange and trending news:

– “Dad bods” are more popular than ever with women AND men, according to a new survey.  79% of men with a dad bod say they’re happy with their body . . . 65% of people say a dad bod is attractive . . . and 51% say it’s the “new six pack.”  (Full Story)


– 29% of millennials say their dad taught them how to cook.  28% learned to put up a tent, and 26% learned to tie a necktie.  Another Father’s Day survey found ‘dad skills’ are on the decline.  32% of dads today don’t even own a hammer.  (Full Story)


– Bad news, dads:  According to a new survey, only 6% of people say they spend more on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day.  33% spend more on Mother’s Day . . . 26% spend about the same on both.  (Full Story)


– 50% of Americans say they’ve been in a PHYSICAL FIGHT, according to a new survey.  Men are WAY more likely to have been in a fight than women.  (Full Story)


– According to Expedia’s annual travel etiquette survey, only 75% of us agree it’s unacceptable to go through an Airbnb host’s personal stuff.  Up to a third of us would potentially wear their clothes.  And the most annoying people on airplanes are sick people, seat kickers, and passengers who drink too much.  (Full Story)


– There was a big meetup for tech execs in Italy last week.  And someone noticed in a photo from the event, the only two women were PHOTOSHOPPED in.  There WERE two female CEOs at the event, but they weren’t in the picture . . . so the organizer had it doctored to add them.  (Full Story)

– A woman in London recently ordered a size 16 bikini . . . and the company sent her two size 8’s instead.  And she tweeted a picture saying, quote, “Did y’all run out of size 16 . . . so send me two size 8’s as a math joke?”  (Full Story)

– Burger King just announced a promotion with “Stranger Things” where they’ll be serving UPSIDE-DOWN WHOPPERS.  Literally, they just give you a Whopper upside down . . . there’s nothing at all different about the sandwich.  (Full Story)


– One out of SIX people who own Apple AirPods say they’ve left them in their ears while they were getting-it-on, according to a new survey.  (Full Story)


– Do you still have mementos from your old relationships?  According to a new survey, one in four people say they still have keepsakes or mementos from past relationships.  (Full Story)


– There’s a guy in Detroit whose real name is HENRY FORD . . . and right now, he’s wanted for car theft.  The cops are trying to track him down.  (Full Story)


– An Amish guy in Pennsylvania stole his neighbor’s car last weekend . . . crashed it . . . then kept driving to go to a bar.  He was arrested on several charges.  (Full Story)


– A 26-year-old guy in Arizona was recently about to jump off an overpass onto a busy highway.  But the cop who showed up on the scene was able to talk him down by offering him a hug.  (Full Story)


Officer Talks Suicidal Man Out of Jumping Off Bridge

In the early evening of Thursday, March 28, 2019, a 26-year-old male climbed the protective railing of a pedestrian bridge that spans the Price Freeway with the intent to jump. Officer A. Little arrived at the bridge and, after developing a rapport with the male, Officer Little was able to convince him to climb off the railing and back to the safety of the bridge.While this incident is extraordinary, the compassion Officer Little showed is a common occurrence with the men & women of the Chandler Police Department.Officer Little’s body worn camera captured their interaction:

Posted by Chandler Police Department on Wednesday, June 12, 2019