Garrett High School student removed after threats

GARRETT, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Garrett Police Department says it is investigating a threat made towards Garrett High School.

The GPD said it started from a shooting reported earlier this month on the 400 block of East Keyser Street where two 14-year-old boys were arrested.

They were both arrested and charged as juveniles. The Garrett Police Department say the teenagers intended to play a prank on a known associate. They did so by allegedly firing a bb/pellet gun through a tent hitting the associate.

Police now say that one of the juveniles has been removed from school. The GPD released, in part, the following statement:

“New allegations have been made at Garrett High School regarding one of the juveniles involved. All leads which have been reported are being investigated, but have revealed no credible threat at this time. The student involved is no longer on campus.”

The other student reportedly is still attending Garrett-Keyser-Butler.