Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler – also, scroll down for some of today’s strangest news that will have you saying, “Did you hear about this one guy that (fill in the blank)?”

– There aren’t many English words with all five vowels in order, but there ARE a few.  The only common one is facetious.


–  The famous fire scene in “Gone With the Wind” was filmed with seven Technicolor cameras . . . and they were the only seven of those cameras in the world at that time.


–  The first diet soda to use aspartame as a sweetener was Diet Squirt in 1983.


–  Square dancing is the official state dance for 24 of the 29 states that actually have an official dance.


–  “Debbie Does Dallas” is in the public domain because the company that produced it didn’t secure the copyright correctly.


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Strange and trending news:

–  It’s harder to play April Fools’ Day pranks this year, but not everyone’s upset about it.  We found an old survey from 2017 where people were asked how they’d feel if April Fools’ Day was CANCELLED.  39% said they’d be happy, and only 24% said sad.  Everyone else wasn’t sure.  (Full Story)


–  A recent survey found men like April Fools’ Day pranks more than women.  51% of guys think they’re funny, compared to 41% of women.  (Full Story)


–  What have you done in the past few weeks that you rarely ever did before?  According to a new survey, the three things that the most new people are doing are:  Working from home . . . participating in video calls . . . and wiping with something other than toilet paper.  (Full Story)


–  According to a new study, two-thirds of people get a strong sense of achievement, calmness, and fulfillment JUST by completing a small “life task” that’s been hanging over them . . . like paying a bill or opening the mail.  (Full Story)


–  There’s a new Starbucks “secret menu” Frappuccino making the rounds online right now . . . a Cadbury Crème Egg Frappuccino.  It’s basically a Java Chip Frappuccino with lots of extra stuff like caramel and vanilla added.  (Full Story)


–  A cocaine dealer was busted in Ontario, Canada on Friday and charged with drug trafficking.  And he also got a ticket for operating a “non-essential” business during the pandemic.  (Full Story)