STUPID CRIMINAL: Dealing Cocaine – Not Essential Business

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We’re all learning what is and isn’t an “essential” business right now.


And apparently, COCAINE DEALER is considered “non-essential” . . . even if basically every cocaine user out there would VEHEMENTLY disagree.


The police in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada started following a 29-year-old guy for aggressive driving on Friday night . . . and they watched as he made a bunch of stops to sell drugs.


They eventually pulled him over and found a bunch of cocaine and cash in the car, so he was charged with drug trafficking.


And since coke dealing is a non-essential business in Ontario during the pandemic, he also got a ticket that carries a $750 fine.


(National Post)


While they qualify as a stupid criminal, surely their loved ones would still want them on the right side of a jail cell.   

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