Here Are the Best Times to Hit Grocery Stores According to Google

You know how Google tracks every single thing we do?  It’s time to use their total disregard for our privacy for the purposes of GOOD.

Google just analyzed nine months’ worth of Google Maps data and found the best and worst times of the day to go to various places during the pandemic.

Here are the results . . .


  1. Coffee shops are busiest on Saturday mornings, and least busy on Tuesday afternoons.



  1. Pharmacies are busiest on Friday afternoons and least busy on Monday mornings.



  1. Grocery stores are busiest in the early afternoon on Saturdays, and least busy early Monday mornings.



  1. Restaurants are the busiest on Friday nights, and the least busy on Tuesday afternoons.



  1. And parks are the busiest on Saturday afternoons and the least busy early on weekday mornings.