Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


– Greenland is icier than Iceland.


–  The woman who invented the chocolate chip cookie was Ruth Wakefield . . . she sold the recipe to Nestle in the 1930s in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.


–  Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to the same school in Long Beach, California . . . and she says she’s pretty sure she bought weed from him.


–  You’re about 2,200 times more likely to die in a car accident than you are in a plane crash.  So, in other words, it’s WAY more dangerous to drive to the airport than to get on a flight.


–  Biscotti comes from the Latin words “bis” and “coctum,” which means “baked twice.”


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Strange and trending news:

– Here are all 50 states ranked from the safest place for Thanksgiving to least safe based on coronavirus numbers, DUIs, and crime rate.  (Full Story)


– Kellogg’s is selling Froot Loops candy canes for the first time this holiday season.  (Full Story)


– Police in South Carolina caught a guy who committed 21 armed robberies in just one month.  (Full Story)


– A mom is demanding that a babysitter pay $300 in “emotional support” compensation for feeing McNuggets to her vegan kids.  (Full Story)


– A gym teacher in the U.K. has been fired after she got drunk before chaperoning the school’s senior prom and flashed some of the students.  (Full Story)


– A high school football coach in Maryland had a heart attack during a game.  His team lost 53 to zero . . . but hey, at least he survived.  (Full Story)


– The FBI is investigating a, quote, “orgasm cult” out of California.  It focuses on a practice called “orgasmic meditation” . . . but there are all sorts of inappropriate sexual allegations surrounding it.  (Full Story)


– A guy in Florida who poked a manatee using a fishing rod is now facing charges since it’s a federal crime to harass manatees.  (Full Story)


– There’s a rescue dog in Florida who now has a $10,000 wardrobe and never wears the same thing twice.  (Full Story)


– A dachshund in Colorado saved a half-chihuahua, half-dachshund who was being attacked by a mountain lion.  (Full Story)


– The mayor of a city in Belgium has apologized after the town’s Christmas lights came out looking very phallic.  (Full Story)


– Here are some wildlife photos that just won an animal photography contest.  (Full Story)


– A ski school in Switzerland is hiring a “ski slope tester.”  But basically, it’s just one free ski pass for a day.  (Full Story)