The Smaller a Man’s…um, “thing”, the Bigger His Bank Account

Does SIZE matter?  Let me rephrase that:  WHAT size matters:  The size of a man’s package . . . or the size of his bank account?


According to a very important new study, the smaller a man is in the pants, the more money he makes.


The researchers found that men who are packing more than eight inches down there earn an average of $35,700 a year.


Every time you drop an inch, a man’s average salary goes up . . . until you get to men who are only THREE INCHES pulling in an average of $76,780 a year.  Yes, they make twice as much as the guys with giant hogs.


The study also found that the smaller your junk is, the more likely it is that you’ve been promoted in the past five years.


(The Sun)