Fun Facts and Strange News

Who was the brilliant mind behind the frozen margarita machine?

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:   

  • Comet tails always point away from the sun, because they’re created by solar winds.


  • The British had 500,000 cats enlisted in their army during World War One, mostly to kill rats on ships and at bases.  One of them named Simon even got a medal of valor for surviving a brutal attack and continuing to kill rats.


  • The San Antonio Spurs are the only NBA team that doesn’t have a losing record, all-time, against any other NBA team.  And the only team that they have an EVEN record against is the Portland Trail Blazers.  They’re 88-88 against them.


  • The frozen margarita machine was invented by a guy named Mariano Martinez in Dallas in 1971.  He modified a soft-serve ice cream machine to sell drinks at his Mexican restaurant.


  • Hewlett-Packard could’ve been called Packard-Hewlett . . . Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard flipped a coin to decide whose name would go first.


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Strange and trending news:


  • Today is National Father-in-Law Day.  No need to call, just an FYI.  (Full Story)


  • Two British roommates started fighting because one of them was chewing too loudly.  The police came, and said it was a “somewhat tense situation.”  Neither wanted to press charges.  (Full Story)


  • Miami is launching its own cryptocurrency:  MiamiCoin.  It’s unclear if anyone will understand it enough to use it.  (Full Story)


  • A jewel thief carried out a burglary . . . and got away on a scooter . . . because everyone was distracted by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was in a nearby optometrist’s office.  The police have a couple suspects in custody.  (Full Story)


  • A robber deposited $50 in his credit union, and then came back later and stole $101,000.  (Full Story)


  • Google is banning “sugar daddy” apps on Android.  In September, they’re booting apps that are focused on “compensated sexual relationships.”  (Full Story)


  • Police in New Zealand went to help a woman who discovered some “suspicious” footprints at her property.  They were hers.  (Full Story)


  • A video is going viral on TikTok, where a mother of 10 shows how she prepares meals.  (Full Story)


  • People are still using jetpacks near LAX airport.  Don’t do that.  (Full Story)