Seven Dollar Store Items That Are Cheaper Elsewhere

Dollar stores stay in business by getting overstocked stuff in bulk.  For example, a $1 toothbrush only costs them a quarter.  And they can get eight-packs of crayons for 30 cents, then resell them for a buck.

But not everything they sell is a deal…

They also partner with companies to sell smaller-sized products that fit their $1 price point.  And sometimes you get less for your money that way.

Here are a few dollar store items that aren’t actually a deal…

1.  Scott brand toilet paper.  A single roll at Dollar Tree costs about two bucks, or 30 cents more than Target.


2.  Old Spice deodorant.  They usually sell smaller tubes of it, and you pay $1.25 per ounce.  But a larger size at Walmart is 97 cents an ounce.  Or 75 cents at Costco.


3.  Sharpies.  $1.00 at most dollar stores, and 80 cents at Walmart.


4.  Crest toothpaste.  42 cents an ounce versus 25 cents at Target.


5.  Cereal.  Cheerios are 29 cents an ounce at Dollar Tree or 17 cents at Walmart.


6.  Top Ramen noodles.  20 cents an ounce, versus 17 cents at Target.


7.  Gain laundry detergent.  10 cents an ounce, or 9 cents at other stores.



(The Hustle)