Indiana Toll Road launches smart parking network

Smart Truck Parking sign on the Indiana Toll Road

ELKHART, Ind., (ADAMS) – ITR Concession Company (ITRCC) is launching a network of smart parking signage for freight and truck drivers who depend on the Indiana Toll Road. Through a mix of sensors and cameras, the dynamic signage will provide commercial drivers an approximate count of the available parking spaces along the roadway, creating a safer and more efficient travel experience.

As a critical link between the Midwest and Northeast, the Toll Road serves commercial drivers every day. The long-haul nature of these trips creates a dependency on parking and rest areas, and an accurate count of available parking spots saves valuable time while also decreasing driver fatigue. To better serve these customers, ITRCC has deployed smart parking across the roadway. These dynamic boards detail the number of available parking spaces in the three nearest facilities, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments of trip plans.

“Our goal is to give commercial drivers the opportunity to plan their trips more accurately,” said Rick Fedder, ITRCC’s COO. “The information will assist in reducing congestion at our parking facilities while also empowering drivers to make quality choices about when, and where, they choose to rest.”

The signage was deployed by eX² Technology serving as the prime contractor, who previously helped develop a high-speed fiber corridor along the Toll Road. Their system utilizes a mix of cameras and sensors to accurately track the number of available parking spaces while distributing that data across signage 157 miles. Parking space availability is also transmitted through Truck Specialized Parking Services’ (TSPS) Osprey® platform, which populates up-to-date parking availability through web, iOS, and Android applications.