Fun Facts and Strange News

Lol…” American mountains”

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:    

  • Dartmouth’s unofficial mascot is a beer keg called “Keggy the Keg.”  It was created in 2003, and even though it was initially controversial, it’s now become an “ingrained part of Dartmouth culture.”


  • Sesame seeds are naturally dark brown . . . the ones many of us are used to eating have been bleached.


  • During AOL’s peak in the ’90s, half of the CDs being produced in the world were their “Free Trial” discs.


  • The Russian term for roller coasters is “amerikanskie gorki,” which translates to “American Mountains.”


  • The animal with the longest lifespan is a species of clam called the ocean quahog.  (Some people say it kwa-hog, others say co-hog).  They live to around 400 years old. The second-longest lifespan is the bowhead whale . . . they live to about 211.  The clam is about five inches long, and the whale is about 65 feet.


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Strange and trending news:



  • In a recent poll of single adults on the dating scene, 51% say they’ve secretly had a friend accompany them on a date . . . to make sure things were cool.  (Full Story)


  • A woman on TikToksays that her boyfriend broke up with her to “focus on his career,” so now she’s going on a date . . . with his boss.  (Full Story)


  • I know some people are obsessed with true crime, but this is silly . . . more than 65 people are on a WAITLIST for the motel room in Indiana, where the escaped inmate and prison guard from Alabama stayed earlier this month.  (Full Story)


  • A $6,000 “support cockatoo” named Lemon Grab was stolen from a pet store in Austin, Texas last weekend.  They’re offering a $1,000 reward.  (Full Story)


  • The Sacramento Police Department offered GAS gift cards in exchange for unwanted guns . . . and less than an hour into the event, they ran out of gift cards.  (Full Story)


  • The average age of vehicles in America is a record 12.2 years old.  (Full Story)


  • 14% of Americans are “very concerned” about monkeypox.  (Full Story)


  • Starbucks has joined McDonald’s and Exxon Mobil in pulling out of Russia.  Starbucks had 130 locations in Russia, but all of them will be closed.  (Full Story)