Fun Facts and Strange News

A fun Slinky fact that will blow your mind…  

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts: 

  • The first Oscars gave out two top prizes, Outstanding Picture and Unique and Artistic Picture.  The next year they got rid of the Unique and Artistic Picture award . . . and by 1962, Outstanding Picture became Best Picture.

  • Michael Jackson has earned approximately $2.4 billion since his death.

  • The two most visited homes in America are the White House and Graceland.

  • More than 300 million Slinkys have been sold, and if they were all uncoiled and joined together, they’d go around the Earth more than 126 times.

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Strange and trending news:

  • It’s official:  Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican Pizza permanently . . . beginning next month.  (Full Story)

  • A man was caught doing more than DOUBLE the speed limit in New Hampshire recently and get this:  The speed limit was 70 miles per hour.  The guy was driving a sports car 161 miles per hour.  (Full Story)

  • A passenger was traveling from Bali, Indonesia to Australia . . . and they were fined $1,874 . . . after two undeclared McMuffins were found in their luggage.  This happened last month . . . also in Australia . . . when a woman forgot to declare a leftover Subway sandwich.  (Full Story)

  • Wasn’t this a plot from “Seinfeld”?  A fight over a parking spot caused a 20-minute traffic jam . . . when a woman was parallel parking, and a guy behind her swooped in and tried to go into the same spot headfirst.  (Full Story)

  • This is terrible:  There are reports of a TikTok travel “hack” where people are requesting wheelchairs . . . just to get through airports faster.  (Full Story)

  • In other terrible TikTok news, a Dunkin worker is boasting about how he accepted a customer’s “pay-it-forward” money . . . but kept it as a tip.  (Full Story)