Fun Facts and Strange News

What was the first CD?

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts: 

  • The company 3M got its name because it was originally called the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.  They’re still based in Minnesota, and rank #102 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. corporations.

  • The first CD to hit the market was the Billy Joel album “52nd Street”.  It went on sale in Japan in October of 1982.

  • There are four countries in the world where the national anthem doesn’t have lyrics:  Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and San Marino.

  • One of your nostrils is always breathing in more air than the other one.  But they trade off every 15 minutes or so, to make sure there’s always one that’s clear to handle intricate smells.

  • People first started saying “God bless you” after someone sneezed back in the 14th century, as a prayer to protect them from the plague.

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Strange and trending news:

  • “Zoom fatigue” is real, and constant chatting is exhausting.  So, to give yourself a break, experts suggest mixing in hand gestures . . . such as “a thumbs up or placing your hand on your heart.”   (Full Story)

  • Someone used the “golden ratio” to determine the most beautiful cities in the world, and it HEAVILY favors U.K. cities, as they have 12 of the top 15.  The top American city is New York City at #16.  (Full Story)

  • A local weatherman in Chicago found out . . . ON THE AIR . . . that his new weather-map is interactive.  (Video)

  • A 58-year-old woman in Florida was arrested last Saturday for driving a golf cart on a busy interstate while drunk.  She also had an open bottle of Jack Daniel’s in a bag.  (Full Story)

  • Police in Florida have caught a guy who they say CLIMBED THROUGH a Wendy’s drive-thru window in June . . . and took the cash drawer.  (Full Story)

  • The FAA is asking for feedback from the public about the size of commercial airplane seats . . . from a safety perspective.  Sadly, they don’t care about your COMFORT . . . they’re only asking for the bare minimum for safety.  (Full Story)

  • Pumpkin Spice returns to Krispy Kreme on Monday.  (Full Story)